Our Workshops


A session that involves meditation and counselling. While deep inhalation and exhalation working on channeling your thoughts through counselling.

Toxic Relationship

A workshop to understand level of toxicity in the relationship you are dealing with Multiple group assignments and tests to find out what is known as Toxic and how to deal with it.

Decoding Emotions

A workshop that finally helps in Decoding your emotions what you are feeling, when and why/ These answers will help you better inderstand the situation and deals with it.

Rage Yoga

A yoga that helps you release the INNER BEAST and understand where anger effects you the most with physical workout inculcating a mental workout also.

Unravelling You

This workshop deals with identification of the crisis, knowing inner self anf crisis Managment.

Managing Wheel of Emotions

A workshop to know the answer of "WHY DO YOU FEEL BLANK?" This workshop helps you deal with Emotional turmoil.

Identity Crisis

A major issue that bothers most of the people dealing with stress at work, family or personal stuff.


An appointment with your anger issues A workshop to create awareness about anger issues and learn how to respond to them in healthier ways. Recognising how anger affects our body, our mind, and our behavior. Identifying your anger styles and triggers and learn coping strategies for dealing with anger issues.